Monday, February 27, 2006

Worst Meal I've Ever Prepared! Plus It Stunk Up The House

I was at Sam's Club awhile ago and saw some frozen fish that looked really good. The picture on the box showed what appeared to be filets with a light breaded crust. It vitually screamed good health and nutrition! Well, OF COURSE the packaging would show something that looked delicious! So I bought them, brought them home, and popped two in the oven for my dinner. 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Ten minutes, and there was a definitely unappetizing aroma filling the house. That's just the way fish smells, I told myself. Would that I was so lucky. Basically, what was pictured on the package as fish filets with a light breaded crust ended up being gross fish-flavored bread. There was no recognizable fish in it. Just breading. One bite, and I threw it all away. Absolutely the worst meal I've ever prepared. And the house still reeks!

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