Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sweet Stuff's Cabbie - An Award Winner

When I was a child, my mother and father gave me the nickname Cabbie. I wrote about it awhile back. It always made me feel special when they called me that. Although my mother chose the nickname, I remember my father using it more often, and it's tied into my memories of him.

A few years ago when my first granddaughter, Sweet Stuff, was born, I gave her a stuffed animal - a soft little brown dog. My daughter decided to call the dog "Cabbie" in my honor. Cabbie quickly became Sweet Stuff's favorite toy - the one she HAD to have in order to go to sleep or for comfort when she was upset. When I realized how much she loved Cabbie, I checked eBay and bought 5 or 6 identical stuffed animals - just in case anything ever happened to Cabbie. However, having extra Cabbies didn't help. Sweet Stuff knows the REAL Cabbie, and whenever she'd leave Cabbie at school or home, she wouldn't accept one of the substitutes. Cabbie is now worn and dirty and the fur is worn off in places. The thread from some of the stitches is loose. The photo above is (obviously) one of the substitute Cabbies.

This past week Sweet Stuff's class studied pets - especially dogs. On Friday the children brought in their favorite stuffed dogs for a class dog show. There was no doubt what Sweet Stuff would bring. Cabbie went to school for the dog show.

When the awards were announced, Sweet Stuff was THRILLED (to put it mildly) when Cabbie won a blue ribbon for "Oldest and Most Loved." I got a call as soon as she got home from school telling me about it. I'm ridiculously pleased that Sweet Stuff loves Cabbie so much, and I'm ridiculously pleased that she's so happy about the blue ribbon. BOTH the real Cabbies won that award.

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