Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Strangest Christmas Gift - A Pooping Santa Claus

I was in a meeting with several other teachers today, and after we had handled the business we had been charged with, the conversation meandered its way to the topic of the "strangest Christmas gifts." One teacher told about getting a "pooping Santa" one year from a student. Apparently this Santa poops little red and green balls of candy.

Nahhh! I thought. Who on earth would sell something like THAT? When I got home, I googled "pooping Santa" - and found it at THIS site. Amazing, isn't it? Of course, after I looked at some of the other items available at the site, I realized that a pooping Santa was comparatively mild or at least par for the course. I mean when a store has an entire category of merchandise devoted to farting items, you know that good taste and respectability are not part of their mission statement.

Everyone at the meeting laughed about the pooping Santa, and a couple of people said they wanted to find one because it would be a funny gift for next Christmas. As they were laughing, I thought about how Santa Claus is a symbol representing a religious holiday. A pooping Santa is not a very respectful thing, is it? Should we now start burning, boycotting, picketing, and killing people over this?

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