Sunday, February 12, 2006


(Drumroll!) The very FIRST Carnival of Blue Stars is up at Blue Star Chronicles! (applause! cheering!) What a great carnival! And what a great blogroll to be a part of!

I've spent a good chunk of my morning reading the posts that are listed at the carnival. It has some of the best writing in blogdom by people who have personal knowledge of the military.

The wonderful thing about reading the blogs of members of the Blue Star blogroll is that you get information that the MSM and leftwing politicians ignore or downplay. You read about some of the GOOD things that are going on because of our military. By reading Blue Star blogroll members, you learn of forums for discussing the military, how military families feel about what's going on in the world, ways you can show support for our troops, how others honor our soldiers, what our soldiers are saying, what other people are saying, what politicians are saying and doing, and you share in proud moments. Most importantly, you know you're getting the straight information because it comes from people who have personal knowledge of what's going on and who don't have a political career or agenda to further by slanting the information.

If you would like to submit a post for next week's carnival, please send the title and URL of the post to bluestarchronicles (at) yahoo (dot) com.

And if you support our troops and our mission of freedom, if you have a son, daughter, other relative or friend in the military, head over to the Blue Star Blogroll and join!

The Carnival of Blue Stars is also mentioned at Basil's Blog.

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