Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend's Best of the Blogs

I've spent a little time surfing blogs this weekend. Topics range from crime, speeches, and poems to terror, humor and taxes. Here are some posts I found that get an A+. If you know of others, leave a comment about them.

Merri Musings gets a nod for this whole post but primarily for the title - clever and morbidly funny!

Charmaine of Reasoned Audacity discusses Tuesday's SOTU speech.

Ruth at Ruthlace has a poignant poem in memory of her husband (who also was my father).

Michelle Malkin put together some clips to make a brief (under 2 minutes) movie. It's good. She also has a post on buying Danish. I plan to print out the list and take it with me when I go shopping.

Captain's Quarters take a look at the political party Hamas. It's both frightening and informative.

Daddy's Roses provides some humor to help us deal with the news.

Atlas Shrugs talks about Iran.

Baldilocks goes into a little background and her own take of the whole cartoon controversy.

Blue Star Chronicles is already looking at doing her taxes, and she's not a happy camper.

Stop The ACLU wonders if we can co-exist with Islam.

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