Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bored! Tired! Sleepy! Bored! Just Off Today!

I wrote several months ago about how I have each child I work with keep a journal. After the children write their entries, I always write a response to each one. It has been going very well. Kids have even ASKED to write in their journals lately, and they're always eager to read my replies.

Yesterday one small group of children came into my room and sat at the table with me. One of them, Billy (name is changed, of course), sat across from me. He propped his face on his hands, elbows on the table, eyes half closed.

"What's up, Billy?" I asked.

"I'm tired," he replied.

"Why don't you write about it in your journal?" I suggested.
He did. I loved the result! Notice he has a thermometer to gauge his mood (measured from 100 at the top to -100 at the bottom). The petals on the flower are another indication of his feelings. When the thermometer is in the bottom numbers, the petals fall off the flower and pile up at the bottom.

Take a couple minutes to study the journal entry. I think it's wonderfully expressive. By the way, he was smiling by the time he left my classroom, and when he came in today, I asked how he was feeling.

His reply: "About 60."

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