Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekend Respite - Mother's Birthday

I'm in Georgia for the weekend - visiting my mother whose birthday is Sunday. I drove here after work this afternoon. She made me promise not to write how old she will be. So I won't. I will say that I had a delightful evening sitting in my mother's family room and chatting with my mother (Ruthlace), my sister (Blue Star Chronicles) and my niece (who doeesn't have a blog because she thinks they are annoying).

It will be a sparce weekend for blogging. I'll be busy visiting family, celebrating my mother's birthday...and cooking. I always enjoy cooking a meal or two whenever I'm here, and I got my mother to tell me her favorite menu so I can prepare that for dinner Satuday night.

Despite my other activities, I will take time tomorrow to write a post about my mother. Check back here for it. I wrote a story about her in 1989 that made it into a couple of publications. She's an incredible woman.

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