Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Converting the world to Islam

At this point it doesn't matter what Muhammad taught or what is written in the Koran. It doesn't matter whether or not at heart it's a religion of peace. What matters is that millions of Muslims are killing, bombing, burning, destroying, beheading and threatening and being raving lunatics in the name of Islam. If there is anything worthwhile in Islam, it is completely negated by its militant fanatics and ridiculously uncivilized laws. Muhammad is apparently such a weak and ineffectual "prophet" that the religion can't win converts or exist on its own worth. Muslims have such little confidence in their prophet's power and abilities that they must kill and terrorize the opposition in order for him to prevail.

We understand, though, that none of today's turmoil is truly about religion or cartoons - despite all the sound bites about respecting or disrespecting Islam. It's about men who are so emasculated and perverted that the only way they can prove themselves as men is through brutalizing others. Islam is a sick, sad and barbaric religion.

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