Friday, February 24, 2006

Bedtime Prayer for Sweet Stuff

Last night Sweet Stuff (4 years old) and Sunshine (2 years old) spent the night with me. When I was tucking them into bed, I asked if they wanted to say their bedtime prayers. Sweet Stuff immediately said she did. So we bowed our heads, and this was her prayer - very quiet voice, rambling on a bit, hands clasped tightly and head bowed:
I want to spend the night with Grandma Carol. . . . until it is wake-up time . . . . and uh. . . .I'll see mommy and daddy. . . .
(Then she seemed unsure of how to end it but obviously realized that she needed to be a little more religious, so she took a couple breaths and blurted out . . .)
I think that was her version of "Amen." I wanted so badly to laugh, but I was a good grandma and held it in and took my turn at saying my prayers instead. Sunshine declined to pray. Guess she felt that Sweet Stuff's and my prayers were sufficient for all three of us. Maybe I need to give them some lessons in praying?

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