Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Proud Mother and Bryant Gumbel's Racism

Just talked with my son. He told me he is now a published author. Oh? He told me to check out this morning's newspaper. His letter to the editor is in there. And what was his letter about? Bryant Gumbel's obnoxious racist remarks about the Winter Olympics - remarks that have been virtually ignored by the MSM. Oops! I mean the CCC. I'm headed out to buy a newspaper.

Update: I'm back now - newspaper in hand. Here is his complete letter entitled "All races can compete in Olympic games":
I was recently made aware of an interesting quote from Bryant Gumbel regarding the Winter Olympics. He said, "Try not to laugh when someone says these are the world's greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the winter games look like a GOP convention."

Does he mean that a lack of black athletes equals a lack of athletic talent? Does he think other races and ethnic origins cannot be talented athletes?

The Winter Olympics are full of obscure sporting events that most Americans do not play. I can understand his lack of interest. I cannot understand how someone of his stature and education could say something so offensive and ultimately racist. Further, in this time of political correctness, why has this statement not been widely reported and ridiculed? Just because racism is so-called "reverse racism," does this
make it acceptable?

I would rather it be discouraged from all views. For whatever reason different sports are dominated by different races. For example, hockey and basketball: One has a majority of white players and one a majority of black players. I doubt the race of the player has anything to do with the quality of the talent.

Someone might consider telling Bryant Gumbel that racism doesn't have a place in sports commentary.

He makes me proud.

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