Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Evening Potpourri

The world is crazy right now. People are rioting and killing because of some innocuous cartoons. Of course the cartoons aren't the REAL reason. That's just their excuse to kill. Major news organizations such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and others cower under the threat of violence from Muslims. The selective reporting of the MSM becomes glaring - there is almost non-stop press coverage of an accidental shooting where the victim is already out of the hospital and admits that it's not a big deal -- and yet virtual non-coverage of racist comments by a prominent news personality and the torture and killing of Iraqi soldiers and civilians by islamic terrorists. It is obvious to anyone (except those oblivious because of blind loyalty to an increasingly radical "progressive" agenda) that the left and the MSM are beyond reason.

Some interesting writing for this Sunday evening on a variety of topics:
The 2nd edition of the Carnival of Blue Stars is up. Do you know what a blue star signifies?
Media hypocrisy at Rhymes With Right.
They're coming to take them away at The Right Place.
Mensa Barbie wants an investigation.
Something Awful has the Muslim Man Complaint Box.
Gateway Pundit talks about the Gumbel grumble.
Le Sabot Post-Moderne talks about porn for Republican hawks.
Red State is down to the kitchen sink and pudding.
Dr. Sanity tells us about bullies pushing the envelope.
Peter Porcupine could make a fruit salad with the apples and oranges he's writing about.
Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has some advice for news folks who haven't done enough research.
Stop the ACLU and how limiting the ability of police officers to control criminals can have fatal consequences.
Blame Bush! explains how the grown-up are trying to protect the children.
Captain's Quarters uses a big word (pusillanimity) to describe the MSM. He also bring up the "Controversy, Crap and Confusion Press."
Michelle Malkin maps the cartoon jihad for us.
Atlas Shrugs writes of the lesson American can learn from Great Britain.
Baldilocks stresses that practice makes perfect.

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