Monday, February 27, 2006

Why Education is Important

OK, I KNOW you've probably gotten this in your email. It's making the rounds right now. However, I liked it enough to copy it to THE MEDIAN SIB. If you haven't seen it yet, enjoy. . .

Why education is important...

Random 2005 journal entries from a "less-than-slightly educated":

January: "Took new scarf back to store. Too tight."

February: "Got fired from pharmacy job. Couldn't get labels to print correctly. Duh... bottles won't fit in typewriter!!!"

March: "Got excited...finished jigsaw puzzle in just six months. The box said 2-4 years!"

April: "Trapped on escalator for hours. Power went out!!!"

May: "Tried to make Kool-Aid. Disaster. Eight cups of water WILL NOT fit into those tiny little packets!!!"

June: "Tried to go water skiing. Never could find a lake with a slope."

July: "Lost breast stroke swimming competition. Learned, later, the other swimmers cheated--they used their arms!!!"

August: "Got locked out of my car in rain storm. Car got swamped, because the top was down."

September: "The capital of California is 'C'! Isn't it???"

October: "Learned that I hate M & M's. They are so hard to peel."

November: "Baked turkey for 4 1/2 days. Didn't turn out well. The instructions said one hour per pound, and I weigh 108!!!"

December: "Couldn't call 911. 'Duh'...there's no '11' button on the phone!!!"

"What a year!!"

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