Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Words that make you sound smarter than you are

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Words that THE MEDIAN SIB thinks make people sound smarter than they are

1. unobtrusive: Instead of "Would you just shut up!" you could say "Please be unobtusive so you won't disturb everyone."

2. maladroit: "I can't believe I was so clumsy!" will become "Goodness gracious, that was maladroit of me to knock that urn off the mantle!"

3. cacophony: "All this noise is driving me crazy!" will be "The cacophony in here is somewhat overwhelming."

4. retribution: Replace "I'll get you back, you scumbag!" with "I will exact retribution for your misdeeds."

5. fatigued: "I'm so tired." will become "I'm feeling a bit fatigued this evening."

6. insipid: Instead of "That speaker is boring me out of my mind!" substitute "That insipid speaker is giving me the vapors."

7. dishevelled and 8. manifestation: "Lord, I'm a mess today!" will be replaced with "My dishevelled appearance is a direct manifestation of an alarm clock malfunction this morning."

9. sagacious: Instead of "He thinks he's so smart!" would be "His perception of being sagacious is flawed."

10. wretched: "Omigod, after that party last night, I'm wasted!" is replaced with "The excess libations last night along with a paucity of slumber have rendered my countenance quite wretched."

11. conundrum: "These directions are totally confusing me!" becomes "These directions are a conundrum from which there is no escape."

12: restitution: Instead of asking for a refund, I'll say, "I demand restitution for the time and money this defective merchandise has cost me."

13. inexorable: "Monday morning always gets here too quickly." will be "The inexorable nature of the passage of time is an undeniable reality."

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