Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Five Questions For JESUS

Joan, over at Daddy's Roses, has a new meme up: Questions for Jesus. What are the first five things you want to ask Jesus when you get to heaven. Joan provides some very thoughtful responses. I kinda took a different road - a lighter look at the meme.

Here are my questions for Jesus:

(1) Heaven! Wow! How did I get here?
(2) OK, since this is heaven, I must be skinny! So where are the scales? I want to see for myself. No, on second thought, just throw the scales away. I don't need 'em now. I never want to see them again. Just show me to the mall. I want to get some size 2 clothes immediately. Maybe a mirror?
(3) Where's the chocolate room? If this is heaven, there must be lots of chocolate somewhere.
(4) Could you show me to the computer room? I need to blog about this!
(5) Oh yes - is there a "heaven blogroll" I can join? That's sure to increase my links.

So, all you THE MEDIAN SIB readers, what would be YOUR five questions for Jesus?

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