Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Protest Signs are Written in ENGLISH (Cartoons, Muslim "Outrage," and Advertising)

One thing I've noticed throughout all the news stories about the lunatic Muslims burnings, killings, rioting and boycotting...the signs are written in English.

The intended audience is the west. Their purpose is to influence westerners - not to express their beliefs/desires/insanities to their own people. A sign written in Arabic would be worthless for their purposes. English signs guarantee that their message will be spread here.

This topic has been blogged to death. However, if you want to read more, here are some of today's posts on the irrational Islamic response to Danish cartoons that actually downplay and minimize the reality of what the "religion" of Islam has become. The Pirate's Cove, Power Line, Right Wing News, Protein Wisdom, Dr. Sanity, The Anchoress, Blue Star Chronicles, Daily Pundit, The Political Pit Bull, Sanity's Bluff.

And here are the cartoons that the Muslims "claim" incited them to their violence. It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. Michelle Malkin has the Muhammad Cartoons Blogburst.

I support Denmark, and I support Israel. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press are paramount - even if someone feels insulted or offended as a result of the exercise of those freedoms.

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