Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Super Bowl and Commercials - H3

The Super Bowl is over, and the commercials that were supposed to be so WONDERFUL were.....blah! Less than memorable. Except for the Hummer "It's a Little Monster" commercial for H3 (HERE for info on the commercial) , they were completely forgetable. Not only blah, but bad. Seems to me that the sponsors paid a lot of money for 30 seconds and then didn't spend enough on making a commercial good enough to make it worth their while.

And the game? Uhh...I guess Pittsburgh fans are happy. I don't keep up with professional football much. I was kinda-sorta for the Seahawks simply because they were the underdogs. Until yesterday I didn't even know what city the Seahawks were from. As I said, I don't keep up with professional football. The game had a few exciting moments, but overall it was rather blah, too.

It looks like Darren at Right on the Left Coast agrees with me.

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