Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - My 13 Favorite Blogs

In a recent post Right Wing News listed his favorite 40 blogs.
I wasn't on the list. Sigh! How dare he!
However, it gave me the idea for this Thursday Thirteen. I hate to choose JUST 13 because I have SO many favorites that I read regularly. However, after much thought, I narrowed it down - only cheating a little on #1. Okay I stretched it on #6, too.
(drumroll) Introducing
Thursday Thirteen


13. The Anchoress

12. Rhymes with Right

11. ScrappleFace

10. Right on the Left Coast

9. The Education Wonks

8. A Female Soldier 2

7. My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

6. All the Thursday Thirteen Folks

5. Captain's Quarters

4. Michelle Malkin

3. Blame Bush!

2. Dr. Sanity

1. My family blogs come first because I check them everyday - and enjoy reading them all. I have to list them altogether - otherwise they'd take up almost the entire thirteen by themselves! Here they are: Ruthlace (my mother), Daddy's Roses (my sister), Alone on a Limb (my brother), Blue Star Chronicles (my sister), Cozy Reader (my cousin), Reasoned Audacity (my niece), Jack Yoest (my niece's husband - does that make him my nephew-in-law?), A Few Minutes With Robin and Andy (my cousin), and Bran's Florida Blog (my niece).

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