Thursday, February 16, 2006

Favorite Quote for Thursday - Cartoons: sensitivity or free speech?

I discovered a blog new to me - and in it I found a wonderful quote. The blog is Le Sabot Post-Moderne and here's the quote:
Liberalism has become a philosophy of Western suicide.
I took the quote from a post titled "Danish Cartoons: An issue of sensitivity or free speech?" How have I NOT read this blog before? Here's more:

What I can't fathom is the unbelievable stupidity of the Left - particularly in this instance. This is their issue! They are lions when it comes to fighting the Ten Commandments in a courtroom or gagging a kid from praying at the football game.

However, when confronted with true, creeping theocracy, they denounce the victims! I was nearly alone in my Migration and Radicalism class in framing this as a freedom of speech issue. Nearly all of them saw it through a prism of Arab victimization. The cartoon authors were white and European, so inevitably bad. The fact that they were exercising freedoms of press and speech was immaterial. . . .

This is a test, one of many to come. It's a test of whether or not the West (and especially Europe) has the will to defend its core freedoms in the face of religious totalitarianism.

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Ms. D said...

Religious freedom applies to everyone except Christians. Why is that?