Sunday, October 09, 2005

Party Time! Oh no! I forgot the Power Rangers!

I wrote earlier about how this past Wednesday was Scalawag's birthday. Today we will have his birthday party. Rather than meet at a restaurant, we'll all have dinner at my house. It'll be easier on the girls not to be confined to a restaurant. At my house they have toys and plenty of room for playing. Plus a home cooked meal is almost always better than a restaurant meal. Last night I went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients for Scalawag's favorite cake - my Aunt Mary's strawberry cake - a cake I don't care for at all but that has always been Scalawag's favorite. But that is good. I can bake it and not be tempted to eat any of it. I bought steaks to grill for the adults and hamburgers for the children. I'll also cook some of the vegetables that I froze during the summer. Before I left the store last night, I mentally went over the entire dinner and was satisfied that I'd bought everything I needed and wouldn't have to make another trip to the store today. So I was set...except that I realized when I woke up this morning that I had forgotten about THE POWER RANGERS! (Click HERE is you don't know why I'm talking about Power Rangers for a 27-year old's birthday.)

Not wanting to go to the store again today and being a little devious, I made a phone call. Perfect! Sweet Stuff answered the phone herself. It seems that when she answers the phone herself , she feels "in charge" and she carries on a great conversation. Often if I talk to Stinkeroo first and she asks Sweet Stuff if she wants to talk to Grandma Carol, the conversation is short, and Sweet Stuff's not into it very much. This morning she was INTO it. I wish I could relate the conversation word for word. I told her that we were having a birthday party for Uncle Scalawag today. That got her excited because she LIVES for birthday parties. I could hear her relating our conversation to Stinkeroo in the background. Then I told her that I'd heard she wanted to have a Power Rangers birthday party for him. Oh yes, she said - Power Rangers for boys. Then I asked what Power Rangers things I needed to get. "Cups....plates.... napkins," she replied, pausing thoughtfully between items. (I heard Stinkeroo talking to Sweet Stuff in the background.) Then "We'll get everything!" Those were the words I was hoping to hear! "How about party hats?" I asked. That, too. Then, since they had made blueberry muffins for breakfast, she said she wanted to bring Uncle Scalawag a muffin, too. I talked to Stinkeroo after Sweet Stuff and I were finished chatting. She said she was going to the store in awhile anyway and that Sweet Stuff would love to pick out the Power Rangers stuff.

So I'm all set. No need to go shopping again. I can have a nice relaxing day at home. The smell of the cake baking will be wonderful, and I'll have time to prepare for the party with no rushing. Yea!!!! It seems that often when I think I have EVERYTHING covered and everything planned perfectly, there's some little detail I've forgotten. It's nice to have other family members who can take up the slack.

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