Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My allergies have been trying to flare up for several days -- the familiar coughing and sneezing, watery eyes and not-really-sore-but-definitely-a-little-scratchy throat. Nothing major, though, and nothing that my daily dose of Allegra couldn't make manageable. The walk through the grassy five acres yesterday, however, changed all that. There was a delicate balance between feeling okay and feeling sick - and being outside in all that newly-mown grass tipped the balance towards allergy-attack-ville. I'm staying home from work today. You know how headachey you feel after coughing a lot - the pounding headache feeling? That's how I feel. Then, because of the nonstop coughing, I couldn't sleep last night. This is what sick leave days are for. Poor, poor Carol -- all headachey and tired and coughy. I believe I'll go make her some chicken soup and cornbread.

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