Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Morning - The Week Ahead

Monday mornings seem to always make me want to think of goals for the week. Not that I ever really stick to those goals, but I THINK about them anyway. Maybe writing them down will help me focus more on them.

First there is old faithful - the ever-present goal. I will exercise each day - even if it's only getting outside for a 30-minute walk.

Second, eat reasonably and healthfully.

Third, go through one box of papers in the storage room.

The coming week will be unusual for me. I rarely travel for my job. However, I will be out of town at a reading conference from Wednesday evening until Friday evening. I'm driving my car to the conference, and three other reading specialists are riding with me. About fifteen of the twenty reading specialists in our school district are going. That's because Regie Routman is one of the keynote speakers. I'm really looking forward to hearing her speak. I've read her books - they're considered practically the Bible for reading education.

I feel fortunate that in the past year I have heard Ellin Keene, Shelley Harwayne, and Sharon Taberski speak. And now Regie Routman. Wow! These are all women who are well known nationally in the area of reading education. Ellin Keene was by far the most dynamic speaker, followed by Sharon Taberski. They both literally changed the way I teach.

Oops! Got sidetracked there! Back to weekly goals. The three I mentioned are it. I got sidetracked because I started to write that I would go through THREE boxes of papers, but then remembered that I would be at the conference and wouldn't be home for half of the work week. So I'll only shoot for one box.

So: exercise, diet, organize. The big three for the week.

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