Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches

I had dinner last night with two friends of mine, and we ate at a country restaurant where one of the specialties is fried green tomato sandwiches. Since both the other ladies had eaten at this restaurant before and absolutely swore that I HAD to try the sandwich, I did. They were right. It was delicious. Probably had a month's worth of fat grams in that one meal. It was nice, though, to sit and chat with friends for a couple hours.

On my way home from work awhile ago, I stopped by Stinkeroo's office to mail Joan her winning BLOG HOG bag. I figured I'd get free postage there, they'd send it out with their daily mail, and I wouldn't have to fight the crowd at the post office. To my surprise, Scalawag was at the office, too! He's usually out on a job somewhere when I drop by the office. PawPaw had already left for the day. So I didn't see him. However I'm going to see a movie with him in awhile - so I'll see him later. How nice to spend some time with my two children! They're both so funny. We had a good time talking for a few minutes. Scalawag unknowingly gave me one of the nicest compliments imaginable. As I was about to leave, he asked me to come outside so he could introduce me to one of his employees who had just driven up. I was thinking as I drove home about how good it made me feel for my son to go out of his way to introduce me to someone. Maybe he was showing his employee off to me, but I choose to think that he was showing off his mother to the employee.

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JSC said...

I think there was no question that he was showing you off to his employee! I know exactly how nice that feels -- wonderful!