Sunday, October 09, 2005

Forget Power Rangers. It's Spiderman to the rescue!

It was a Spiderman kind of night for Scalawag's 27th birthday party. When Sweet Stuff and her daddy went shopping for Power Rangers supplies, they couldn't find any. So Spiderman stepped in and saved the day. When Scalawag was a little boy, he was rather partial to Superman, but I think he was happy to shift his loyalties to Spiderman for the evening. (Side note: I saved the red Superman cape I sewed for him, and gave it to him a couple years ago. I hope he kept it so someday his little boy can play with it.)

There are few things more satisfying than a great time being with family. I thank God daily for my family. I love being with and watching them all. Scalawag and Meah had work still to do tonight, and so they left soon after dinner. Stinkeroo, SD and the girls stayed awhile longer. Stinkeroo had brought the girls' pajamas so they could take their baths here before heading home. What is there about being naked that makes children want to laugh and run around? Both girls tore around the house with pure joy before finally getting into the tub. There is nothing in the world sweeter than freshly bathed children -- all sweet-smelling and cuddly. I enjoyed brushing and drying their hair. They had not brought socks, and so I gave them each a pair of my socks so their feet wouldn't get cold on the way home. They wore them almost like tights -- with the socks coming above their knees.

I'm sitting here at the computer, smiling at the memories from such a wonderful evening with my family -- Singing "Happy Birthday" to Scalawag, pirate costumes, Captain PotBelly, Spiderman masks, the story of Meah's first patient, SD teaching the girls to say "Go, Dawgs, go!", watching Scalawag grill the steaks, hearing Stinkeroo tell about her trip to Texas, and then watching each car drive out of sight with blown kisses and I-love-you's filling the air.

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Joan said...

Sounds like a great birthday party! My grandchildren always assume that they will take baths and get on jammies before they leave our house. Taking a bath at Gram and Granddaddy's house is just part of the package to them. I agree with all you said about the sweetness of freshly bathed and sleepy children. A couple of mine are too old for that routine now and I miss it with them and cherish with the ones still young enough.