Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Friends, Family, Strangers - a thank you

I added a site meter to The Median Sib two days ago, and it has been interesting to watch the number slowly increase as people look at my blog - 110 people so far. I may be wrong, but 110 visits in two days seems like a nice little trickle of traffic for a new blog. The meter doesn't count my many visits which is good because I log on and off all the time as I re-read things I've written, make changes, read comments, etc. I tend to be compulsive about looking for typos and re-wording things that don't read the way I intended them to read. The purpose of this blog isn't to get a lot of traffic, but having the site meter makes me think about who is here and why they're here.

My niece has a blog,
Reasoned Audacity, and she is nearing the 100,000 mark for site visitors. Her blog is less than a year old. So I wondered how long it would take The Median Sib to reach such a number. If my weak math skills are correct, at the rate of the past two days it will take around 5 years! Obviously this isn't going to be a record-breaking blog - and it wasn't intended to be. This blog doesn't have a central theme. It isn't associated with any particular cause or organization. Most of the comments so far are from my wonderful family, although there are a couple non-family comments interspersed here and there. I have some friends who read my blog, too. And then I guess there are the other bloggers who are just surfing through blogs and see something here that catches their eye and they take the time to read it.

What's the purpose of The Median Sib? Not to get a lot of traffic. Not to make money from the advertising. Not to debate the important topics of the day. It's here as an outlet for me - a communication and expression tool. So to everyone who has taken the time to read The Median Sib - THANK YOU!

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