Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wondering - Theresa Heinz Kerry

I read a news report today that Theresa Heinz Kerry was awarded $15 million in the wrongful death suit she filed after her husband, Senator John Heinz, was killed in a mid-air crash of an airplane and a helicopter. She sued the owners of the airplane in which her husband was traveling along with the owners of the helicopter. $3 million of the settlement goes to Heinz Kerry as the executor of the estate, and the remaining $12 million goes to her and the three sons she had with Heinz. The crash also killed six others - including two first-graders on the ground.

I am wondering if the families of each of those six others also received $15 million. Where does one find information such as that? I would think that surely they did, but you can never tell. The news report, of course, was only about Heinz Kerry.

A personal opinion and aside: Heinz Kerry was enough reason not to vote for John Kerry in the last election although he provided enough reasons on his own - and I haven't knowingly purchased a Heinz product since then - and won't in the future.

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Terry said...

To each is own. I admire both Theresa Heinz Kerry and John Kerry. But then they have had the good sense to agree with me on most issues :-) and to stand up for those beliefs.