Monday, October 17, 2005

Names and Nicknames

I've pondered for awhile about what to do with family names since this blog is a public venue. One doesn't want to provide too much personal information while still being able to write about activities and people freely. I've decided to call everyone by their nicknames. My daughter will be Stinkeroo and my son will be Scalawag - because those are the names that my father gave them when they were little. My oldest granddaughter is Sweet Stuff and my youngest is Sunshine. Problem solved! Now I just have to go back and change all the previous posts!


lil sis said...

The nicknames you chose for your grandchildren sound a little sweeter than Stinkeroo and Scalawag < g >

Carol said...

I will point out the Grandshaw gave my two children their nicknames, and Stinkeroo and SD gave my grandchildren their nicknames. When Stinkeroo sings "You Are My Sunshine" to the girls, she always sings "You Are My Sweet Stuff", too.