Sunday, October 16, 2005

Question of the Day: Gift of Magic?

I was reading the above book, and I thought I would add a question here. Readers can respond if they want to - or not. Here is the question (from p. 94):
If you had the gift of magic for one day,
what would you do?


Carol said...

OK - I could be magic and do all sorts of wonderful things for humanity. However, if I want to be selfish, I would be invisible for a day -- and then I'd be able to find out what certain people are like when they don't know anyone is watching.

Joan said...

I guess I don't believe in magic and am SO FAR removed from childhood imagination that I can't even come up with a "what if" answer to that question. How sad is that?

Jane Ann said...

This is going to sound so "Miss America" (you know, 'I want world peace' stuff) but I make sure that all children could experience unconditional love and safety in their homes.
And on the frivolous side, I would make myself a size 10 again!!!