Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Apprentice - Martha Stewart's style

I started to write that I watched Martha Stewart's "The Apprentice" tonight. However, that would be a lie. I started watching it, but it was so boring, I switched over to re-runs of "The Amazing Race", but that was a re-cap show, aka a filler show. The B word again. So I turned off the TV and started a batch of yogurt instead. A perfectly logical change of activities. Since I TiVo'ed "The Apprentice", I checked later to see what happened in the boardroom. Even when Martha called the entire Matchstick team back into the boardroom so she could fire the person she wanted to fire rather than choose between the two the project manager had selected, I was still yawning. I can't put my finger on why Martha's show is boring - and Donald's isn't. I WANT it to be better than Donald's. Unless it gets better very quickly, I'm thinking that it's unlikely there will be a second round of Martha's "The Apprentice."

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