Monday, October 03, 2005

Looking at Land

Today I walked over the 5 acres of land I mentioned here previously. Larisa went with me and Joey met us there before we left. As Larisa and I were walking I realized just how BIG five acres can be. Do I want to be responsible for upkeep on five acres of land? No, not on your life! I'm not a mowing, mulching, pruning, get-outside-and-do-yardwork-every-day kind of woman. So I'm going to set my sights on something a little more manageable -- like one acre or maybe two at the most. This place didn't have any trees to speak of either -- and I want something that partially wooded. Plus, the people who are selling the land live next to it -- and they are rude and obnoxious people. Larisa asked if I really would want to live next to someone like that. No, I wouldn't. That clinched the decision. By the time Joey got there, I had made up my mind. He looked at it -- and experienced a little of the rudeness himself -- and agreed with us. The adjoining neighbors (people selling the property) had an above-ground pool - strike one. There weren't any big trees on the property - strike two. They were brusque & rude people - strike three. So now it's onward and upward to better endeavors.


Joan said...

Well, at least it was a beautiful day to be outside -- and you got to see BOTH of your children! And the rude neighbors showed their true mettle instead of faking you out. So the day was definitely not lost. Maybe half the fun of land-purchase, as in romance,is in the chase

Carol said...

Very good points, Joanie! I was with BOTH my kids, and it was a beautiful day. The funny thing is that the neighbors were the ones trying to sell the 5 acres. As Larisa said, if they were putting on their best face in order to sell the property, can you imagine what they'd be like when they weren't trying to impress a potential buyer? Thanks for stopping by!