Monday, October 17, 2005

An Unexpected Evening

Got a phone call around 5:00 -- part of the family was gathering at Stinkeroo's home for dinner. PawPaw had prepared spaghetti sauce which he modestly declared "the best you've ever tasted" and wanted to share it with everyone. So I was put in charge of buying the bread on my way over to Stinkeroo's home. I stopped by a convenience market thinking they'd have Italian bread. They didn't. I bought hot dog buns, figuring I'd put garlic salt and butter on them and toast them, and they'd be just as good -- and they were. When I drove up, the girls were in the backyard with PawPaw - playing pirates. They both ran to the fence to greet me. So sweet! Dinner was great. As a bonus, Scalawag showed up right before we left. He was picking up his two dogs that Stinkeroo had dog-sat over the weekend. So I had an unexpectedly enjoyable evening. Sweet Stuff showed off by reading several books for PawPaw and Scalawag who had not heard her read before. The girls had gone to yet another Pumpkin Patch on Sunday and bought more small pumpkins. So I was presented with two lovely pumpkins to take home with me -- as were PawPaw and Scalawag. Unplanned evenings can be very enjoyable!

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