Sunday, October 16, 2005

Marijuana - Medicinal Use & Melissa Etheridge

Tonight was my night for reading the news online. I read about Melissa Etheridge's "admission" that she smoked pot to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. It is amazing to me that something of that nature would make the news. Why would anyone care what she used to ease the suffering of the cancer and chemotherapy? I hope that if I ever have to deal with cancer and chemotherapy that there will be someone who will help me get marijuana because, in that situation, I would smoke it in a heartbeat. It seems bizarre to me that marijuana is not legal for medicinal use. Drugs that are much more addictive and dangerous are used legally for medical reasons all the time. It would seem the compassionate and yes, Christian, thing to make sure that suffering is alleviated by whatever means we have available.


Terry said...


How about that. We agree on a political issue. :-) The sad thing is that it IS a political issue.

Joan said...

That makes another one of us who agree! Will wonders never cease? And yes, it is a shame that it's a political issue. I read the news mostly online and I had not heard that, so maybe it is not making a lot of news.

Larisa said...

I have heard that they have this in pill form that is widely given to cancer patients and is approved by the government. They gave it to Donnie (Debra's boyfriend) with his cancer. However it is not approved in the smoked form which is supposedly more effective. That just blows me away. With the pain pills that are legan and are much more dangerous and addictive.

The funny thing is I think most people would agree with you however those who don't are the ones strongly pushing. It is interesting to me that it appears most people fall in the middle of politics yet it is the two extremes that are in power. Sometimes it feels as if neither really represent what most think.