Thursday, October 06, 2005


I don't know why I've got such an impulse to go camping. I don't like being uncomfortable. I like sleeping in my own bed. I don't like being by myself - especially outside - in the dark - all night. And yet... I keep thinking that maybe I'll see if I can borrow a tent from somebody and give camping a try this weekend.


Dave Head said...

Yeah, camping is on my list of stuff to do too. It may be on the lower part of the list, but it IS on the list. I'm considering spending some "pay down the credit card bill money" on a tent and a good sleeping bag in the next few weeks. However, going camping by one's self isn't as highly appreciated as watching tv by one's self.... so..... I think I need to begin thinking about what kind of person or persons I'd like to share my camping experience with.
I once went "camping" (it was actually a survival school week in the mountains at 8 degrees below zero with 112 other people I didn't know... that didn't turn out too well... some of the people didn't want to do any of the fire wood gathering or getting water from the creek and were in general, just cry babies.. one guy died the week before on the trip and it just wasn't... well, fun.)
Camping ought to be fun. Dave

Don said...

sleeping under the stars can be good for one or two. hope it is a clear night and you get all wrapped up the stars.