Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, camp stoves

I spent a couple hours this morning at a store that had everything for outdoor adventures. A friend who is also wanting to get into camping met me there and we chatted with the salesperson for a long time and asked a lot of questions. The salesperson was most helpful, and I believe I know what I need to go camping. I was SO tempted to buy everything today and go camping tonight. However I reined in my impulsivity (is that a word?) and decided to think about it a few days, and if I still have the camping bug, I'll buy what I need later this week - and go camping next weekend. And since I know myself fairly well, I'd put money on the fact that I'll be buying the supplies this week and camping next weekend. I'll be doing what the salesperson referred to as "car camping" - driving to a park with established campsites, and just moving my camping stuff from the car to the campsite. No hiking involved in getting there. The backpacking can come sometime in the future depending on how well the car camping goes.

I enjoyed looking at all the possible things to buy. There was every gadget imaginable. However, the one thing that got me excited was the COOLEST stove! It's a small hand-size unit that screws into a propane canister - it has little arms that fold out and you set a pan on the arms. Easy, simple, probably not very steady -- but I loved it! The tents were interesting, too. If you haven't looked at tents lately, you should know that the designation of 2-person, 3-person, etc. is deceptive. The three-person tents would only be practical for three VERY friendly people. I believe I'd get claustrophobia in the one-person tents and even the two-person tents. The tent I will most likely buy is a 3-person tent. It will provide plenty of room for me when I go by myself, and if I find someone who wants to go with me, there will be enough room for two. I really wouldn't try to squeeze three in there, though -- unless two of them were Lily and Sophie. Which is actually an idea for maybe a year or two from now when they're a little older. They'd think camping was a big adventure.

Now that I know what I want to buy, I'll concentrate on where I want to go. It'll probably be a state park somewhere within a hour's drive of home - with lots of hiking trails and some pretty scenery.


Terry said...

Carol, I enjoy reading your blog so much! When you get into something you go whole hog, don't you. It's rare you blog just once a day!

My fall break has just ended so it's back to my 24 little angels Monday morning. And, I nearly forgot, I'll have a full-time college (UWG) practicum student for the next five weeks. She seems like a good one so I'm looking forward to it.

Carol said...

Terry -- glad you enjoy reading my blog. Yes, I DO tend to be a little on the compulsive side when I get into something. The trick is maintaining that enthusiasm. I always enjoyed having student teachers and intern teachers - only had practicum students a few times. Love you!

Ruth said...

Carol, I can't keep up with write 4 blogs while i am still thinking of "what to write."
I am enjoying reading them and looking forward to seeing you Wednesday night.