Saturday, October 15, 2005

Security - swapping one for another

At my mother's the other night, everyone was arriving for the chicken and dumplings dinner that I had so generously offered to prepare - generously offered BEFORE I got there with two preschoolers to manage. What happened is that Mother ended up preparing most of the meal. My only contribution was making the dumplings with Sweet Stuff - resulting in a mess that Mother cleaned up. I'm afraid my visit was not a restful one for my mother. Just as everyone arrived for dinner, Sunshine awakened from her nap and wanted nothing more than for Grandma Carol to hold her. When we sat down to eat, Sunshine sat between Mother (Grandma Ruth) and me - but insisted on holding my hand the entire time. She held my right hand - so I had to eat with my left hand. About halfway through the meal, Sweet Stuff asked me to take her to the bathroom. I asked Sunshine if she wanted to go with us because otherwise I'd have to let go of her hand in order to go to the bathroom with Sweet Stuff . She looked at me, looked at the chicken and dumplings that she was REALLY enjoying. Then she let go of my hand and immediately reached to her other side and held onto Grandma Ruth's hand and continued eating - effectively swapping one security for another.

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