Wednesday, October 05, 2005

America's Next Top Model - Doing what girls do

I watched a few minutes of “America’s Next Top Model” tonight. A dozen or so beautiful young women competing for a modeling contract. One girl, Kim, was explaining to the camera about how, as a lesbian, she must deal with straight girls coming on to her – but, she continues, that’s okay - she likes to have fun. She has a steady girlfriend at home that she’s really committed to. However, she just really has a thing for blondes, and one of the other aspiring models in the house, Sarah, is just so . . . well BLONDE. And Kim and Sarah made out in the limousine on the way home from a photo shoot when they were all drunk (Note: captured on camera, of course), and then they spent even more time together and made out again (Additional note: captured via night vision lenses – much more dramatic!) - and so, as Kim so earnestly explained, even though she’s committed to her girlfriend at home, she and Sarah did a lot of making out because they’re girls and (the next line was the kicker) THAT’S JUST WHAT GIRLS DO. They have fun and make out together, but it doesn't mean anything. OK, I realize I’m eons away from my teens and twenties. But is that REALLY what girls do now? Fortunately or unfortunately, we won't see how this relationship turns out since Sarah was kicked off the show at the end of tonight's episode for not performing well enough with her "signature walk".

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