Sunday, October 02, 2005

Satellite dishes next to the tent

I forgot to mention that when I visited Tims Ford State Park yesterday, there was one very noticeable addition to many of the campsites. Some people had brought a satellite dish that they set up on a portable stand. During our stroll around the camp area, we saw one family with four children. All four kids were sitting on a bench mesmerized by the TV that was on the picnic table. It was still daylight, it was a beautiful day, there was a playground within sight, but they were sitting there like zombies watching a TV show. What's the use of going out to enjoy nature via camping if you're going to bring a satellite dish and watch tv while you're there? Don't get me wrong. At home I have a satellite dish, along with TiVo (a truly great invention!), but I don't want a TV with me when I go camping. Reading by lantern-light, hiking, napping in a camp chair with the breeze keeping me cool, watching the campfire, simply thinking. That's what I plan to do when I go camping.

Changing topics briefly - I saw another family who was cooking dinner on a green Coleman stove -- very similar to what I remember my parents using on our camping trips when I was a kid. It made me feel rather nostalgic.

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Ruth said...

HI Carol, I am enjoying reading the Median Sib! It is alays good reading. I agree with all the wonderful things you said about your "baby boy." I agree he is good looking too.
Hapy Birthday Joey!