Friday, September 30, 2005

The Importance of Appropriate Birthday Party Themes

My granddaughter, Sweet Stuff, takes birthdays seriously. Last year when she heard that my birthday was approaching, she immediately told her mom, my Stinkeroo, that they needed to give me a princess birthday party. Which they, OF COURSE, did. Which, OF COURSE, absolutely thrilled me. Complete with a crown, feather boas, a princess cake and princess hats for everyone. For my last birthday she insisted on getting me a baby doll for a gift. When her mother tried to steer her toward something else, she insisted that Grandma Carol really wanted that baby doll. She was right. I love it and will treasure it always. Then this year she planned a Spiderman birthday party for her PawPaw. My son, Scalawag, turns 27 next week. Once again, our resident social planner is hard at work. For him, there will be a Power Rangers party since "boys like Power Rangers." Sometimes when I look at Sweet Stuff and Sunshine - or even think about them, I am overwhelmed by the power of the love I feel for them. Two little girls who have so many people who adore them and would do everything possible to protect and nurture them. At Scalawag's birthday party next week, there will be six adults and two children with Power Rangers hats, Power Ranger plates and napkins, and a Power Ranger birthday cake. Sweet Stuff will sit back and smile her sweet smile as we all laugh and talk together - secure in the knowledge that she orchestrated the party.

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