Sunday, September 25, 2005

Home-made Yogurt

I wrote earlier about reading the book French Women Don't Get Fat. One of the suggestions that the author writes about is making your own yogurt. I'm probably too open to suggestion, but since I like yogurt and also the idea of making my own yogurt, I bought a yogurt maker. I've made two batches now. The first one was really good. The second batch I left in the maker too long, and the consistency wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Each time I made it with skim milk, and added some nonfat milk powder to it so it would be smoother. After it was finished, I added about a tablespoon of sugarfree preserves (usually peach or apricot) to each cup, and it's just as good, in my opinion, as store-bought. It stays well in the refrigerator for about two weeks. I take a cup to school each day for an end-of-school snack - which helps me not crave something to eat as soon as I get home. So I think it's helping me stick to more sensible eating.

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