Saturday, September 17, 2005

An Introduction

This is me - a photo taken in August 2004. I'm a Reading Specialist, and I love my job. I've loved reading since my first grade teacher, Mrs. Landrum, would put star stickers on our foreheads when we read well at school. I remember running out to the playground for recess proudly wearing my sticker! My children used to tease me that when I was reading a book, they could ask me anything, and my answer would be "yes" because I was so far into my reading that I didn't hear anything else. And they were mostly right about that. There are few things as enjoyable as getting lost in a wonderful story.

I am blessed with my family: my daughter and her husband are the parents of my two granddaughters, who are the absolute loves of my life. My son and his wife round out my wonderful immediate family. I am blessed with such wonderful children. I will write about the rest of my family - my mother and my six siblings - at a later date.

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