Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Visit Home

I'm in Georgia visiting my mother this weekend. This afternoon we attended a party celebrating the wedding of Jared and Lim. Jared is the son of my first cousin, Jane, and her husband, Warren. There was a big crowd, fantastic barbecue and great fellowship. I got to visit briefly with my Aunt Rowena. However, the really impressive thing was their house. I fell in love with their house. Such a gorgeous, open, log home -- furnished so beautifully. Maybe some day I'll build myself one similar to it. One of the things I enjoyed was walking through Jane's house and seeing photos of people I dearly loved -- my Mama Baird and my Uncle Tom and Jane's older brother, Jack -- and pictures of Jane when she was a little girl and we all called her Jane Ann. I loved seeing the photos of Uncle Tom and Aunt Rowena when they were young. It was an enjoyable day of visiting family and celebrating a young marriage.

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Jane said...

It was a joy to have you here yesterday. I am glad you enjoyed visiting our home. I am sure that if you set your mind to it, you will find a little spot to call your own, where you can sit on the porch and enjoy the view. Come back and sit on our porch anytime!