Thursday, September 29, 2005

Click 'n Bank

For someone who has used a computer for many years, I have only in the past few months started banking on the computer. Why did I wait so long? It's wonderful, and it only took me about 30 minutes to learn how to do everything I need to do. No more having keep a register. I can check my account online anytime and see what checks have cleared and what my balance is. I can transfer money from one account to another. The best part, though, is paying bills online. It takes literally minutes - maybe 5 or 10 - to pay all my bills each month. No envelopes, no stamps, no trips to the post office, no writing checks by hand. I open the bill, make a few clicks on the computer, and then shred the bill. It helps me not spend money I don't have because I can see the actual balance whenever I want. It works out so much better for me than keeping a handwritten register.

Not much point in this post - except to express how great it is to be sitting here at the end of September and able to spend about 10 minutes on the computer -- and all the bills are paid and done. YEA!!!

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Joan said...

Carol, after using a computer for over 20 years and doing lots of other business online for 8 or 10, I still don't do banking online. Maybe that should be my next step.

If I could figure out WHERE to look, I'd be looking at houses too.

I have enjoyed reading your book suggestions. I tried Airmail to the Moon with my mentee Wednesday. He couldn't stay focused, but that is no test -- the only thing he WILL stay focused on is throwing a ball! At least I enjoyed the book.