Monday, September 26, 2005

A political post - Cindy Sheehan

I read today about Cindy Sheehan being arrested for not following the guidelines for protesting outside the White House. No one denies that she had the right to protest this war. Her son supported what the United States is doing in Iraq strongly enough to risk his life to fight there - and he did indeed lose his life in Iraq. Now his mother is using his death as her platform to give hope, aid and comfort to the enemy that killed him. I watched a few minutes of the TV coverage of the anti-war gathering this past weekend. I wonder how many other young men have already died and will die because of the invigoration and encouragement the insurgents must surely feel when they see the anti-war protestors. The anti-war protestors are short-sighted in their world view. They want world peace, but aren't able to stomach the difficult and heartbreaking work necessary to achieve it. The citizens of our country should support the president and the war until the war is over. Then they can protest and do what they need to do to make sure it doesn't happen again. We are in a war, though, and each protest gives more fuel to the enemy -- and causes more death to our soldiers and innocent Iraqi citizens. Each protest give more fuel to the barbarians who will take a knife and slowly saw off the head of someone who disagrees with them. Each protest gives hope to the leader of the insurgents who said that he makes no distinction between soldiers and citizens of the United States. All of us are targets of his hate. To me, Cindy Sheehan is trampling on her son's memory, causing the deaths of more U.S. soldiers and betraying the very country that gives her the right to protest.


Ruth said...

Carol, I am enjoying you BLOG It is one of my favorite places. I agree totally wiht you about the hate filled Anti war protesters and Cindy Sheenan... I realy beleive the war would have been over long beofre now if we had not had these protesters. It gives encouragement to our enemies here and abroad to keep fighting.

lilss said...

I agree!