Thursday, September 29, 2005

Home Girl

I've been looking online to see houses that are available in my area. This afternoon after work, I drove around the area for an hour or so just looking at what's available near my school. It comes down to how far I'm willing to travel to live in the house I want. Well, on second thought, that's wrong. It comes down to the fact that there's no way I can afford what I really want, and so it then comes down to how far I'm willing to travel to get to one I'd love that I can afford. I don't really want to go through moving again anytime soon, but if I find what I really, truly, honestly, without-a-doubt want and can afford, I'd be willing to move again. In the past eight years I've moved six times. After the third time, I swore I'd NEVER move again...and look what happened...another three moves.

This could lead to a discussion of the value of moving. It's incredible how much JUNK and unnecessary "things" accumulate over time. Moving is great in forcing a person to get rid of excess. I keep waiting for the IRS to audit my tax return because of all my contributions to Goodwill over the past eight years.

I'll look at more houses this weekend, and I'll keep it all updated here.

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