Wednesday, November 16, 2005

George Bush, Democrats, Memory Loss and the War in Iraq

OK, so this is a political rant. I promise it'll be the last one for awhile. I'll get this out of my system and go back to posting happier and funnier topics.

I've posted several times my feelings about the press and democrats and how they're relentlessly backstabbing the United States, putting our soldiers in danger and encouraging the terrorists with their self-interested shenanigans and rewriting of history. In surfing the net tonight I found other posts that I thought were particularly good. First of all is Blame Bush - a great blog that is hilarious in pointing out the absurdity of the left. Baldilocks had a new post that referred to the Drudge Report. Suitable For Mixed Company compared what's going on to Animal Farm - a book I need to re-read. The posts I mentioned from The Median Sib are: November 15th, November 14th, November 3rd, and September 26th. Read some of these and get angry. Maybe rational and patriotic Americans are finally beginning to see how duplicitous the left is and how insidious the press is. I think once upon a time the Democratic party was about the people. That was a long time ago. Now they are blatantly self-serving and don't care what they do or who they hurt in their drive for political gain. The problem is that too many people who have always been democrats have blind loyalty to the party and can't (or won't) see the lies behind the rhetoric. Hopefully it's not too late to save America.

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