Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pit Bulls - True to Their Nature

There was a news story today about some children and adults who were attacked by three pit bulls on a rampage in Cary, Illinois. I am waiting for the follow-up news story tomorrow or the next day in which the owner will almost certainly describe how wonderful the pit bulls were and how they had always been so gentle up until the attack. Then he will declare that he is simply shocked by their behavior.

It reminds me of Aesop's fable of the Scorpion and the Ladybug: A Scorpion befriended a Ladybug who became a loyal companion to him. A time came when she struggled to cross a challenging and dangerous river, and so the Scorpion offered to take her to the other side on his back. He had come to care for her and promised he would never harm her. But, safely across the river, he allowed his tail to dip upon her with its venomous sting. As she lay in greatest pain, she said, "... but, you promised... why?" He shrugged and said, sadly, "Because it is my Nature."
Regardless of our wishes, or even our intent, it is to our Nature alone that we will be faithful.

There is no good reason for owning a pit bull. Despite training and love and tender care, their nature is to be aggressive to the point of being vicious. All too often there is a news account of yet another child maimed or killed by one. The owners usually act like they're surprised because their pet had been gentle and nonaggressive up to that point. People who own them are lying to themselves about the danger.

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