Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Morning Routine of This Blogger

Alarm rings. Hit the snooze alarm. Start thinking about my blog. Can't go back to sleep. Turn off the alarm and come upstairs to check for email and to check my blog. Read email. Check blog for new comments. Check links to see if anyone new has linked to my blog. Check TTLB ranking to see if it has changed. Check site meter to see what my totals are. Check referrals on my site meter, the locations and every other possible aspect of the site meter.

Read my mother's blog, my sister's blog, my other sister's blog, my brother's blog, my niece's blog, my other niece's blog, my other niece's husband's blog, my cousin's blog. Look at list of favorite blogs to see which ones have been recently updated. Read new posts on my favorite political blogs and my favorite education blogs. Check my other blog. Reading the blogs reminds me of something I MUST write about. Start a new post. Write. Re-Write. Re-Read. Proofread. Post. Read. See glaring mistakes. Edit. Re-post.

Glance at the clock. OMG How did it get so late! How could so much time have passed?! Will have to skip washing my hair. Slacks will cover unshaved legs. Must rush like a mad woman to make it to work on time. But first check site meter again. Check blogroll again - someone COULD have linked to me since the last time I checked. Scan AOL news. See another item or two I want to write about. Talk to self - TURN OFF THE COMPUTER, YOU MANIAC! YOU HAVE TO GO TO WORK!

Hurry downstairs. Shower, dress, do hair and make-up. Grab a Diet Coke on the way out the door. Begin the 40-minute drive to school. Use the Diet Coke to down my daily handful of vitamins and assorted medications. Possibly stop by McDonald's on the way for a half-cappuchino/half-coffee and maybe a biscuit. Get to school and head to the gym for my daily bus duty. My day has begun.

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