Saturday, November 19, 2005

Addictions - Blogging, Blankets, and Bread - and Introducing a NEW BLOG

I wrote earlier about being addicted to blogging - and that reminded me of those tied-together fleece blankets we were manic about making last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We would get together in groups and make three or four at a time. It was crazy, but it was also a
lot of fun. We gave them as gifts, and we kept some for ourselves. I have four of the blankets that I use as throws when I watch TV because they ARE warm and soft. But, unfortunately, I also have the fabric to make three or four more - fabric that will likely sit in a drawer until I have a garage sale some day.

Before blogging and blankets, in random order, there were my addictions to online solitaire and emailing and IMing and eBay shopping. Oh yes -- there was also the year a fellow teacher gave me some sour-dough bread starter. I started making sour-dough bread, and I gave the starter to other people. For several months I made sour-dough bread regularly. It was delicious, but then the addiction faded. I haven't made it in years now.

I keep trading one addiction for another. I am thankful that drinking excessively and smoking never appealed to me because with my addictive personality, I'd be in big trouble if they were.

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