Friday, November 04, 2005

Numbers and the 1000th visitor to The Median Sib

The site meter just passed 900. That means that with an average of 24 visitors a day, sometime in about four days the 1000th visitor will log on to THE MEDIAN SIB. Such a momentous occasion must be celebrated! How about another Blog Hog bag? In a couple days you can start checking the site meter at the bottom of the page. Whoever logs on and sees "1000" is the winner. The winner will receive a guaranteed one-of-a-kind BLOG HOG bag. I mean, truly, what more could one wish for?

1 comment:

lilsis said...

I really want the Blog Hog bag - but I refreshed the page a couple of times and the number at the bottom didn't go up :( So I guess I can't cheat.

How do you know who is the 1000th visitor? Do you take our word on it? { g }

Just thinkin' {g}