Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yet ANOTHER Family BLog - and 1930 Remembrances

My brother, Terrell, has started a blog, Alone on a Limb. He came up with the name for his blog because he's the sole Democrat in a family of Republicans. We love him anyway. Actually, his heartfelt beliefs and his perseverance in sticking to what he believes are part of why I've always admired and looked up to him. I learned a long time ago, though, not to discuss politics with him. No good can come out of that! Despite his leftist leanings, his blog is great reading, and I'm thrilled to add another "must-read" to my list of blogs.

My mother's blog, Ruthlace, is another one I check every day. She has started writing about her memories of growing up in the 1930's. I LOVE reading about her life during that time.

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