Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Avalanche of Christmas Catalogs

I guess I brought it on myself. For the past few years I've done much of my Christmas shopping online. It's quick and easy, and I loved not having to get out in the suffocating crowds and long lines at the mall. There is a penalty for shopping online, though, and that penalty is catalogs. Every day for the past few weeks, I have received catalogs from all those online stores along with every store remotely associated with those stores -- L.L. Bean, Lands End, Herrington, Victoria's Secret, Puritan's Pride, Miles Kimball, Barnes and Noble, Gevalia, E-Toys, Pfaltzgraff, Coward's...and the list goes on. L.L. Bean, in particular, sends out at least a couple catalogs each week - the Christmas catalog, the menswear catalog, the womens wear catalog, the children's catalog, the outdoor adventure catalog, another Christmas catalog...and that list goes on, too.

I remember when I took a computer course at Vanderbilt about 12 years ago, the professor told us that the time was fast approaching when people would do their shopping online. I listened to him describe how that would happen, and I thought it was absurd. Why would someone buy anything they couldn't actually see and touch? I was wrong. It didn't take long for it to happen.

It just seems incongruous that when I buy things online, it results in my receiving dozens of catalogs in the mail.

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